The way that black culture seems to understand coexistence

Jul 7, 2023

I have learned some very deep truths from exposure to black culture

One thing specifically is that I think they tend not to be suffering so much from the thinking you’re in a narrower space than you actually are fallacy

And so there’s this beautiful sense/understanding that “there’s room for everyone to do their thing”

That extends even to people who are acting kind of crazy/ridiculous. It’s still understood that that’s them “doing their thing”. And that it would be showing disrespect to act like they shouldn’t be doing their/that thing, that you know better than them what they should be doing

That implies a certain understanding of coexistence. Concepts like harmony certainly come to mind (that maybe it just “naturally works” that different people will be hitting different rhythms/grooves/frequencies/colors at different times (via just “doing their own thing”, the thing they want to be doing at that time) and maybe those add up to something pretty awesome and maybe that’s “life”)

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