Healing as liquefying

Jul 7, 2023

This one I remember getting into with Sasha while I was traveling in Newfoundland in summer 2018, it’s very “language”-y

So one might think of healing as a “resolution” process

Let’s play with the word “resolution”

That root “solution”/”solvent”/”soluble”/”dissolving” means ending up in a liquid state no?

Ok interesting so maybe you could just think of that as a “conceptually useful metaphor”

No I like being very very literal it’s so dumb I love it

So healing/resolution as literally a dissolving

Ok well ya “flow” is a good thing, seems like it’s very related to (/maybe a characteristic of) healthiness, and it’s… kind of literally a liquid thing. Only liquid flows

What literally is that liquid? Well I don’t know but probably your blood and other things flowing in your body is part of what we’re dealing with here

Ok and so then a state of illness as the absence of some flow does make sense. This plays nicely with the idea of illness as the accumulation of unprocessed sh** for one thing

So ya it does seem to point at the idea that illness might be something that should be flowing not being flowing. And if it were liquid it would be flowing is more or less logical? So therefore it’s not currently liquid

Ok I buy that. I don’t know what exactly it is that’s not liquid and needs to dissolve into liquid in order to be flowing but whatever

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