Illness as the accumulation of unprocessed sh**

Jul 7, 2023

I don’t know if I landed on this idea “on my own” or had heard about it somewhere else. But it will be a useful “building block” for some other ideas to think of illness as the accumulation of unprocessed sh**

So what can we immediately take away from that logically?

Healthiness (if healthiness is the opposite/absence of illness) is when there is not accumulated unprocessed sh**?

Ok maybe but that sounds like a negative definition

What even is “unprocessed”? What is “processing”?

Well I don’t think the mechanics of that actually matter that much. It seems clear that our bodies “process” things that we experience. And generally it does seem to be understood that maybe it’s bad/not such a good idea to kind of “avoid dealing with things”

Ok I buy that I want to be healthy so sign me up how do I start processing my unprocessed sh**?

We’ll get there

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