Tip: "Jiggle" Webpack when it can't resolve a new import

May 12, 2019

Sometimes Webpack can get confused when you try and import a new module, failing (even though it should be able to resolve the module) with an error like:

Module not found: Can't resolve 'MyNewModule' in '/Users/jrosse/prj/myproject/src'

Specifically, I’m able to reproduce this by:

  1. writing the new import statement before the new module actually exists
  2. saving
  3. creating the new module
  4. re-saving the first module (the one doing the importing of the new module)

This seems like a Webpack bug (and perhaps is tracked somewhere?), but here’s the trick that Matt Petrie taught me:

Just “jiggle” Webpack by eg changing the order of two of your import statements. This should get Webpack to recognize that the new module exists and build successfully :tada:

Strangely, if you then “un-jiggle” (eg restore the original import order), Webpack will fail again! Smells like a caching bug…?

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