The mistake of thinking that things are physically spatial that aren't

Jul 18, 2023

This is called a “logic flex”

We have the idea that illness recognized as illness tends to resolve

And so the converse of that idea is that “illness not recognized as illness doesn’t (necessarily) tend to resolve”

We also have the idea that illness is the accumulation of unprocessed sh**

So combining those two ideas (by in a math-y sense “substituting” that definition of illness into the first idea), we get:

“The accumulation of unprocessed sh** not recognized as the accumulation of unprocessed sh** doesn’t tend to resolve”

Then combine that with the premise/idea that we are all pretty ill (and it doesn’t seem to be “tending to resolve”)

That spells out that “there is a lot of accumulated unprocessed sh** not being recognized as unprocessed sh**”

Ok so in what sense is it not being recognized as unprocessed sh**?

Well let’s pull in the idea of sagginess

Basically I felt like I started noticing a couple years ago that people seemed to be thinking that things were actual “physical objects” that from an outside perspective were clearly something “internal” (to their body)

And that correspondingly the supposed “physical space” within which they were thinking those physical objects were there in was actually like a “stagnant pocket” inside their body

(and so then “sagginess” describes how from an outside perspective, a person who’s “making that mistake” appears to energetically “sag” (because they are getting no energy from trying to interact with something that isn’t actually there))

Think “tripping” (which is close to a synonym for “illness”)

So the answer to the above question is:

Because it’s being mistaken for being stuff that is physically spatially there

See how that works?

People are mistaking unprocessed sh** for being something that is “physically spatially there” (like “physical objects that are there in front of them or whatever”), and correspondingly are mistaking stagnant pockets of unprocessed sh** for being “actual physical spaces” (that they think that they’re in)

And that explains why that unprocessed sh** isn’t getting processed, because it’s not being recognized as unprocessed sh**!

Whoa whoa whoa that is a major revelation

I legitimately believe that is the accurate explanation for the mechanics of the illness that everyone is tending to suffer from

Also it’s f***ing nasty

Thinking of unprocessed sh** as something that’s physically spatially there is really really gross

Ok so let’s play with that idea a little bit

Why are people tending to mistake unprocessed sh** for “physical spatial stuff”?

Well to be clear I don’t think we need to answer that question in order to be able to “do something about it”

Because just recognizing that as the pattern of what’s going on is enough to start recognizing it (and helping others recognize it) as unprocessed sh**

(Which per the above idea would mean that then it should start getting processed)

(Which per the above definition of illness would mean “starting to become less ill” aka “healing”)

See what I’m doing here I’m effectively anointing myself as the greatest healer of our time

And how am I accomplishing it?

Not with something “soft” and corny

No with male energy flex

It is brutally clear that it has been an absence of certain things that male energy “should” be doing (aka “wants” to be doing, not “should” in an obligated sense) that has us in the current state of illness

(really this goes with the idea that the illness takes the form of parasiting off of male energy but we will get into that another time)

Why because what is needed is a “breaking-down” process

And male energy takes great great enjoyment in “pulverizing”/breaking things down

So it’s really just a question of male energy becoming aware enough of what’s going on to then do its natural enjoyable thing (aka “let it “flow”/”flex””) and just break down all the sh** that has been wanting for absence of being broken down

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