Jul 18, 2023

This is very related to the mistake of thinking that things are physically spatial that aren’t

First, “non-sagginess”:

When someone is actually connected to reality, they get a lot of energy from doing so. It’s characteristic of reality that your interactions with it are very “rich” and enjoyable

Whereas if a person thinks they’re interacting with reality but in fact are putting their energy into trying to interact with something that isn’t actually there, they get no energy from doing so

(because… it’s not actually there. How you can expect something that’s not there to eg “give you energy”?)

So “sagginess” describes that “outside perspective” of seeing someone think that they’re interacting with something but in fact it’s not there, and the physical space that they think they’re in is a stagnant pocket of unprocessed sh**. Because that absence of them getting anything from this supposed interaction just looks like them completely “sagging out”

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