The fallacy of thinking that you're in a narrower space than you actually are

Jul 7, 2023

This one is based more on “feel”/observation than straight-up logic

It seems like a lot of things that people do are based on the underlying mistake/fallacy of thinking that they’re in some kind of “narrow”/small space

When in fact reality is very very very spacious

I think that thinking that the good is the absence of the bad is based on this mistake because it’s like you’re thinking that you’re in this finite little space where there’s only room for so much stuff and so therefore obviously you need to get rid of this bad stuff and then things will be better

Nope nope nope you’re not in a space like that though

That’s clearly some form of “tripping” and I think specifically what is going on is that something that is not physically spatial is being mistaken for being physically spatial

One specific category of things that I think suffer from this mistake (of thinking you’re in a narrow space) is “competition”-y stuff in general

Like most of it looks real dumb because actually “there’s plenty of room for everybody (and their ideas etc)”

(The more positive/healthy version of that imo is black culture)

Like any time anyone seems to have a “slot” for something where “there’s room for one greatest __ X __” I think that’s what’s going on

And ya therefore that’s a waste of energy because it’s based on illness

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